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[WIP] MurgaLua Reference Tool
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RE: [WIP] MurgaLua Reference Tool

I think those buttons at the base need to get moved though.

I had them originally at the top, but it seemed bulky-looking. Being a keyboard-focused user, I sometimes have trouble balancing the visual with the easily-clickable. I'm open to any suggestions you have.

Whats the x%(n of nn) box in the corner?

It's an example of Fl_Progress(), displaying the number of demo scripts that have been viewed. It was originally a separate widget, but the design change made it necessarily part of the main script. I was thinking about moving into a tab, but the main screen was visually unbalanced without it.
Is it literally displaying "x%(n of nn)"? That would not be good.

Have we figured out how to display styled text?
Syntax styling on those scripts would be fantastic.
I suppose displaying html like the lua manual does the trick.

I started to mess with formatting the snippets page with html, but after twenty minutes I realized that it will be a pain to make updates to it. Syntax highlighting is definitely on my want-to-do list, but every time I look through the Fl_Text_Editor docs I start to get dizzy =o)

If its not already in your documentation, notes, and scripts,
you may want to begin adding a version number.

It's there, at the top of the readme. My versioning system is very basic. Each release in incremented by 1 unless a very tiny yet very vital fix is needed.

It will be useful to see whats new, and maybe see if something
has been removed before the current version of murgaLua, and
provide a pointer to the new style of doing things.
The file and timer stuff comes to mind.
Another thing might be to run "Snippets" as a separate but
nearly identical program with an "add" button.

I like those ideas. The Changelog is there, but it is not accessible through the gui and isn't terribly explicit. User-added snippets is brilliant, although it is not likely to be implemented right away.

Why are you worried about 0.5.5 compatibility?

I care about backward compatibility in general, as long as it is reasonable to do so. Version 0.5.5 was a pretty big change, so support for prior versions would be more work than it's worth. When it gets to the point where 0.5.5 support is an annoyance I'll likely drop it. Until then, support for it has been only a tiny issue. Also, I am positive that 0.5.5 is still circulating on fairly recent live CDs, so it's still in use (I still have a DSL system with version 0.5.5 installed on 2 machines). Finally, I believe intentionally including code to support older versions is an educational example in itself.

1.0 will compare to 0.5.5 as 0.5.5 compares
to John linking Lua and Fltk together for the first time.

I'm also pretty sure 1.0 is still quite a while away. This demo package will evolve as time goes on, and will eventually also reach a 1.0 stage and be quite different than when I started.

Next step an IDE with compiler and GUI editor, yeah?

Several times I have thought about the possibility of doing something in murgaLua based on the behavior of fluid but with a vtcl philosophy; in other words, a tool written in murgaLua that generates pure murgaLua code. However, thinking about the possibility is as far as I've ever gotten. That would be a big project and I'm not sure I'm the one to start it at this time.

02-28-2008 07:10 PM
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