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[WIP] MurgaLua Reference Tool
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RE: [WIP] MurgaLua Reference Tool

I knew I should have posted my changes as I went along.
Everytime I edit this thing, you come out with a new version.

In order for the compiled and/or script version to run equally
I changed the code last night to this

-- set directory separator according to operating system
if murgaLua.getHostOsName() == "windows" then demo_sep="\\" else demo_sep="/" end

--default to current directory, works after cd in scripting, not in standalone
CurDir = lfs.currentdir().."/"

-- find murgalua folder, or the script as compiled binary
pathToMurgaLua = string.gsub(murgaLua_ExePath,"(.*)/.*","%1").."/"

-- test for presence of demo scripts folder
if lfs.attributes(pathToMurgaLua.."script") ~= nil then CurDir = pathToMurgaLua end

-- in script mode the argument is received when executing this script
if arg[0] ~= nil then CurDir = arg[0] end  

-- Get the dirname and basename of the current script or binary
if string.find(CurDir,demo_sep) then
  demo_appdir=string.gsub(CurDir,"(.*)"..demo_sep..".*","%1") -- data directory

arg throws an error in the compiled version unless it gets some data.
My changes manage to kill this bug.

/bin/murgaLua/examples/widgets: [string "--#!/bin/murgaLua..."]:236: attempt to index global 'arg' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
        [string "--#!/bin/murgaLua..."]:236: in function 'newFunc'
        [string "murgaLua"]:268: in function 'decompileMurgaLua'
        [string ""]:1: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Also have to comment out "#!/bin/murgaLua" in the first line for compile.
It will throw a false error at line 268 for some reason.

I just made the code changes and recompiled it works on my side at least.
See what happens over there.

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02-02-2008 07:52 AM
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