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Does Luac work ?
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RE: Does Luac work ?

chrimo Wrote:
Yes, LuaJIT just works at X86, but I have to use PPC and SPARC CPU's, too.

If you build murgaLua for these architecture I'd be REALLY interested if you could contribute the binaries :-) :-)

chrimo Wrote:
Luac is included at lua for many years Big Grin

I know, but I've never liked it, see below for a solution to your problem though ;-)

chrimo Wrote:
The advantage of compiled scripts are much faster load and hide some things from end-users... ;-(

I found the speed increase to be negligible, but as far as hiding ... Read on ...

chrimo Wrote:
YES, it is true...sometimes you have to hide or secure something to avoid problems at special environments (last week it worked, but today not. I haven't changed anything...)

Lua obfuscates pretty well, that is also an option for you in this scenario (and is what is done with things like Javascript).

chrimo Wrote:
Luac-Bytecode and Lua-Source can coexist together, if luac exists it is used, else lua...

It is that mix that I am trying to avoid, murgaLua WILL load bytecode though, however it has to be plain Lua code.

chrimo Wrote:
I've asked for it, because I expect problems with some murgaLua included extensions...

What do you mean ? And how would this help you with extensions inside murgaLua ? If you want to load plain Lua bytecode into murgaLua you can do that currently, you just have to use the luac compiler bundled with Lua itself (which you already have if you built murgaLua for these other architectures) ... murgaLua is fully compatible with plain Lua bytecode :-)

chrimo Wrote:
I try it out myself this weekend Big Grin

Please let us know how it goes, if I can help with your specific problem I'd be happy to.

chrimo Wrote:
Thanks for all your friendly responses

A feature that I am going to be adding is a murgaLua compiler, but this works completely differently to the Lua compiler ... It produces standalone compressed executables for all platforms. The beauty is that although the source will be completely hidden from end-users and regular tools, it'll be retrievable in it's original form through the use of a specialized de-compiler I will also provide.


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