class Fl_File_Chooser

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The Fl_File_Chooser widget displays a standard file selection dialog that supports various selection modes.

Fl_File_Chooser widget

The Fl_File_Chooser class also exports several static values that may be used to localize or customize the appearance of all file chooser dialogs:

Member Default value
add_favorites_label "Add to Favorites"
all_files_label "All Files (*)"
custom_filter_label "Custom Filter"
existing_file_label "Please choose an existing file!"
favorites_label "Favorites"
filename_label "Filename:"
filesystems_label "My Computer" (WIN32)
"File Systems" (all others)
manage_favorites_label "Manage Favorites"
new_directory_label "New Directory?"
new_directory_tooltip "Create a new directory."
preview_label "Preview"
save_label "Save"
show_label "Show:"
sort fl_numericsort

The sort member specifies the sort function that is used when loading the contents of a directory.

Public Members

The Fl_File_Chooser class exports the "new directory" (newButton) and "preview" (previewButton) widgets so that application developers can control their appearance and use. For more complex customization, consider copying the FLTK file chooser code and changing it accordingly.


Fl_File_Chooser(const char *pathname, const char *pattern, int type, const char *title)

The constructor creates the Fl_File_Chooser dialog pictured above. The pathname argument can be a directory name or a complete file name (in which case the corresponding file is highlighted in the list and in the filename input field.)

The pattern argument can be a NULL string or "*" to list all files, or it can be a series of descriptions and filter strings separated by tab characters (\t). The format of filters is either "Description text (patterns)" or just "patterns". A file chooser that provides filters for HTML and image files might look like:

The file chooser will automatically add the "All Files (*)" pattern to the end of the string you pass if you do not provide one. The first filter in the string is the default filter.

See the FLTK documentation on fl_filename_match() for the kinds of pattern strings that are supported.

The type argument can be one of the following:

The title argument is used to set the title bar text for the Fl_File_Chooser window.


Destroys the widget and frees all memory used by it.

void color(Fl_Color c)
Fl_Color color()

Sets or gets the background color of the Fl_File_Browser list.

int count()

Returns the number of selected files.

void directory(const char *pathname)
const char *directory()

Sets or gets the current directory.

void filter(const char *pattern)
const char *filter()

Sets or gets the current filename filter patterns. The filter patterns use fl_filename_match(). Multiple patterns can be used by separating them with tabs, like "*.jpg\t*.png\t*.gif\t*". In addition, you can provide human-readable labels with the patterns inside parenthesis, like "JPEG Files (*.jpg)\tPNG Files (*.png)\tGIF Files (*.gif)\tAll Files (*)". Use filter(NULL) to show all files.

void filter_value(int f)
int filter_value()

Sets or gets the current filename filter selection.

void hide()

Hides the Fl_File_Chooser window.

void iconsize(uchar s)
uchar iconsize()

Sets or gets the size of the icons in the Fl_File_Browser. By default the icon size is set to 1.5 times the textsize().

void label(const char *l)
const char *label()

Sets or gets the title bar text for the Fl_File_Chooser.

void ok_label(const char *l)
const char *ok_label()

Sets or gets the label for the "ok" button in the Fl_File_Chooser.

void preview(int e)
int preview()

The first form enables or disables the preview box in the file chooser. The second form returns the current state of the preview box.

void rescan()

Reloads the current directory in the Fl_File_Browser.

void show()

Shows the Fl_File_Chooser window.

void textcolor(Fl_Color c)
Fl_Color textcolor()

Sets or gets the current Fl_File_Browser text color.

void textfont(uchar f)
uchar textfont()

Sets or gets the current Fl_File_Browser text font.

void textsize(uchar s)
uchar textsize()

Sets or gets the current Fl_File_Browser text size.

void type(int t)
int type()

Sets or gets the current type of Fl_File_Chooser.

const char *value(const char *pathname)
const char *value(int file)
const char *value()

Sets or gets the current value of the selected file.

In the second form, file is a 1-based index into a list of file names. The number of selected files is returned by Fl_File_Chooser::count().

This sample code loops through all selected files:

// Get list of filenames user selected from a MULTI chooser
for ( int t=1; t<=chooser->count(); t++ ) {
    const char *filename = chooser->value(t);

int visible()

Returns 1 if the Fl_File_Chooser window is visible.